Information About OYO Rooms


OYO Rooms is a hotel chain that was founded in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal in Gurgaon, India. The company operates in over 800 cities in 80 countries, including India, China, UAE, UK, USA, and Indonesia, among others.

OYO is often referred to as the “Uber of hotels”, as it has revolutionized the way people book and stay in hotels.

OYOs’ mission is to make quality living affordable and accessible to everyone. The company has achieved this by partnering with existing small and independent hotel owners and transforming their properties into standardized and budget-friendly hotels.

OYO Rooms offers various types of rooms, such as standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and premium rooms, to cater to different types of travelers and their budgets.


OYO Rooms’ Business Model

OYO operates on a franchise model, where it partners with independent hotel owners and provides them with its brand name, technology, and operational support.

The hotel owners are responsible for maintaining the physical property and managing the day-to-day operations, while OYO takes care of the marketing and booking.

OYO earns a percentage of the revenue generated from each room booking made through its platform. The company also provides its partner hotels with various support services, such as standard operating procedures, training, and technology.

This helps hotel owners improve their properties and provide better services to guests.


Advantages of OYO Rooms for Hotel Owners

OYO provides a number of advantages to its partner hotel owners, including:

Increased visibility:

OYO has a large customer base and is one of the most popular hotel booking platforms in the world. By partnering with OYO Rooms, hotels can increase their visibility and attract more customers.

Improved occupancy rates:

OYO platform has a high level of traffic, which helps hotels increase their occupancy rates. This is especially beneficial for hotels located in less popular tourist destinations.

Better rates:

OYO offers competitive rates to its customers, which can help hotels attract budget-conscious travelers.

Standardized services:

OYO Rooms provides its partner hotels with standardized operating procedures and training, which helps them provide better services to guests.


Advantages of OYO Rooms for Customers

OYO Rooms also provides a number of advantages to customers, including:

Affordable rates:

OYO offers budget-friendly hotel rooms, making quality living accessible to everyone.

Wide range of options:

OYO Rooms has a wide range of hotel options, including standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and premium rooms, to cater to different types of travelers and their budgets.

Convenient booking process:

OYO platform is user-friendly and makes the booking process convenient and easy.

Quality assurance:

OYO has a quality control team that inspects each property before listing it on its platform. This ensures that customers receive quality services and a comfortable stay.


OYO Rooms’ Expansion and Future Plans

OYO has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2013 and has established a strong presence in multiple countries.

The company has raised over $1.5 billion in funding from various investors, including SoftBank, Sequoia Capital, and Greenoaks Capital.

OYO Rooms’ future plans include further expansion into new markets and diversification into new areas, such as vacation rentals and alternative accommodations. The company has also launched several new initiatives,