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Realme Race 5G News

So Guy’s you all know that at the beginning of the year, all the smartphone companies want to bring their flagship smartphone like Realme race pro to market.

In this, whether we talk about the Samsung galaxy s21 series, Xiaomi mi 11 series, Poco x3 series and or any other smartphone series.

So now let’s talk about which smartphone you will get to see from Realme.

Yes, friends, Realme is preparing to launch many of its smartphones. And it will also have a proper flagship smartphone. And if we talk about this smartphone, then this smartphone is going to come with a lot of amazing specifications.


So here, we will talk about whether the specification you will get will be named. And how long will you get to see this smartphone in the Indian market?

So if friends talk about the flagship smartphone of Realme, then it is going to come under the Race series. Yes, friends, you all know that the Realme race series is coming to India soon. And you will get to see the Realme race pro smartphone of this.

So let’s talk about what specifications you will get in this smartphone.

1. Display

First of all, let’s talk about its display, then in Race Pro, you will get a large display of 6.8 inches. And the good thing is that this display will come with Quad HD resolution. And this display will come with 160hz. If this smartphone comes with 160hz then you will get to see the quite smooth display.

2. Processor

If we talk about the performance of Realme Race Pro, then you will get to see Qualcum snapdragon 888 in all the major smartphones coming. So in this smartphone of Reame, you will also get Qualcum snapdragon 888.

3. Ram

If you talk about Ram, then you will get to see Ram up to 12GB.

4. Storage

If you talk about storage, then you will be provided 128, 256, 512 GB of storage. So, friends, this will be a perfectly performing smartphone.

5. Battery

So friends, if you talk about the battery, and you can get a great job on it too. According to the report, you will get to see a 5000mah battery in Realme Race Pro. And the amazing thing is that it will support 125W charging.

So in terms of numbers, you will like the Realme Race series everywhere.

6. Camera

If you talk about the camera, then you can get a Triple-layer camera. And its primary camera sensor will be 64 Megapixels but it is not yet confirmed that it is going to be which sensor. And at the same time, two 13Mega pixel cameras will be given in it.


So far, this information has come out about the Realme Race pro smartphone, which you will definitely see very soon.

Apart from this, you will also get to see some additional features. Like wireless charging but for that, you will have to wait a bit.

If we talk about launch, then quarter 1 will be launched inside it.

This means that you get to see this smartphone within March 2021.

So let’s see how this Realme Race will launch in the market and what will be its price.

Till then we will definitely try to give you an update on time.

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